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Innovative eco-friendly technologies to boost-up date palm production       

A. Research Programs of the Chair

1. Production
2. Protection
3. Biotechnology
4. Social sciences

1. Production Technology

1.1 Agronomic Research

1.2 Irrigation systems

1.3 Soil studies

1.4 Physiological studies

1.5 Microbiology research

1.6 Crop Improvement

2. Protection

2.1 Red Palm Weevil investigations

2.1.1 Pheromone and Kairomone

2.1.2 Isolation of host volatiles/kairomones from plant

2.1.3 Biology and bionomics

2.1.4 Maintenance of insect cultures

2.1.5 Field Studies with pheromones and Kairomones

2.2 Pesticide studies

2.2.1 Testing of new pesticides in lab

2.2.2 Field trials with effective pesticides

2.2.3 Developing efficient methods of application of pesticides

2.3 Natural Products

2.3.1 Evaluation of known botanicals like azadirachtin, pongamia, etc

2.4 Pesticide Residues and Biosafety

2.5 Chemical Ecology studies on host plant and insect pests

2.5.1 EAD + GC and MS studies

2.5.2 Other key pests of date palm

2.6 Bionic studies

2.6.1 Development of mechanical devices for identifying the infestations

2.6.2 Exploring new innovative methods for detection of infestations

2.7 Validation and Refinement

2.7.1 Testing Electronic/Acoustic devices in field

2.7.2 Field testing of prototype devices

2.8 Development of Delivery systems

3. Biotechnology

3.1 DNA fingerprinting of RPW populations

3.2 Development of diagnostic kits

4. Social sciences

4.1 Working with progressive farmers

4.2 Demonstration of technologies

4.3 Participation in farmers’ meetings

4.4 Interface meetings

4.5 Economic studies


Collaborative Research
Collaborative research program will be developed with other Universities and research Institutes in Saudi Arabia and International organizations




B. Development Programs of the Chair
The research results will be field tested with the collaboration of Ministry of Agriculture in several regions. Based on the results the new technologies will be demonstrated in a few selective farms for adoption by the farmers.
1. Agronomic Trials
2. Cropping models
3. Nutritional trials
4. RPW Pheromone trials
5. IPM trials
6. INM trial