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Chair Inauguration and One-day National Workshop

Inauguration of Chair of Date Palm Research (Red Palm Weevil Research Chair formerly) Chair of Date Palm Research (previously, the Red Palm Weevil Research Chair) was inaugurated at the College of Food and Agricultural Sciences, King Saud University on Saturday, 16th of January 2010 ( 01/02/1431 H) by presence of His Excellency the Director Prof. Dr. Abdullah bin Abdurrehman Al Othman, President of the University and presence of His Excellency Mr. Mohammed Al Sheeha, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, and Dean College of Food and Agriculture Prof. Dr./ Hassan bin Abdullah Al-Qahtani. In his speech Rector expressed his thanks to His Excellency the Minister of Agriculture for his support, and cooperation with the University and the College, stressing that the university is seeking to document their relationship with government and private sectors according to its new vision “to achieve global leadership through community partnership to build a knowledge society,” pointing out that this chair embodies this vision through its partnership with community and draws distinct globally in this field, he said, adding that owing to the King Saud University is the central main player in the construction of knowledge-based economy in order to preserve the rights of future generations. Prof. Dr Al-Othman said that the university has developed the global experience of the program chairs through an initiate its private for chair program as apart from the university endowments and there is clear strong political will to development of scientific research and the evidence bear witness where education is an absolute priority of the kingdom, sponsored by God, has taken the university a greater share of the state budget, which holds the university a great responsibility and must correspond to this tender bid for qualitative and move from the traditional function to be the leader in research and development and said: You must move the university transition qualitative strategic and there are two choices for the University graduates: the first to create jobs for themselves and others, and the second to be attracted by the best actors of opportunities. Prof. Dr. Abdullah Al Othman Said also that, he is proud  of he was graduated from this Faculty of Food Science and Agriculture, which is a means of the University to achieve global leadership, pointing out that the King Saud University, like their international counterparts will  have to be good at everything and creative in something by focusing on some of the disciplines of quality and hosting of the Group of new initiatives such as endowment university and the development of a new philosophy of charitable work to support the allocation of scientific research as well as draft the Riyadh Technology Valley to move to the stage of scientific research value-added of the national economy, The College of Food and  Agriculture will be has a share of this valley to be a leading center for sustainable agricultural development and we hope to increase post graduate students by up to 40% of the students and should seek this college to the satisfaction of the community and the Ministry of Agriculture this is one of quality indicators to have, and it is also hoped that this college to be a research center consultant to the Ministry of Agriculture to achieve sustainable agricultural development and produce their cooperation to serve the community, especially the farming community. From his part, His Excellency Mr. Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Sheeha the Deputy Ministry of Agriculture Undersecretary welcomed the joint collaboration between the Ministry and the College as a strategic partner in achieving sustainable agricultural development and blessed the University of the Inauguration of this specialized Chair and said we are expect from that chair a lot of work to achieve new results in ways to combat the red palm weevil because we have suffered for more than 20 years since its first discovery in El-Qatif 1407, where we accepted a separate program to combat RPW. He said, adding that the ministry is keen to collect as much information as possible about the insects and take advantage of local and global expertise in control and they have been added to the scientific methods of control the legislative control (legal control). The ministry has also provided awareness-raising efforts through seminars, brochures, newsletters, workshops, and address the farmers through various media. As explained by the supervisor of the chair of red palm weevil, Prof. Dr. Saleh Aldosari added that the idea of establishing this chair was under the guidance of His Excellency the Rector Prof. Dr. Abdullah bin Abdurrahman Al Al-Othman, believing it to represent the palm of the importance and status in the Kingdom and the need to preserve them against this dangerous scourge, which destroyed thousands of palm in the Kingdom and worldwide. He added: We have succeeded in a short time to make close cooperation between the chair and the Ministry of Agriculture, represented by their agency for Agriculture Affairs and its directorate located in the governorates that suffer from this problem, as we have also succeeded in documenting the scientific cooperation between the chair and specialized research centers. In a short time, has been terminated Strategic Plan of the chair and started to implement with immediate effect provided by the unlimited support from the university. He also thanks all specialists researchers in the field of red palm weevil for their ideas and contributions so as to achieve the chair strategy and achieve the goals for which they were to create this chair. During this inauguration event, The Internet website of the chair was launched, as well as the signing two of memorandums of cooperation. The first MOU was signed between the RPWRC and Center of Excellence in Biotechnology Research. The second MOU was signed with Date Palm Research Center (Center of Excellence), King Faisal University. Followed by a workshop held two lectures, the first lecture of Prof. Dr. Polana Vidyasagar, Chair professor, entitled “Strategies for sustainable management of red palm weevil and the second lecture of Prof. Dr. Yousif Aldryhim entitled, “Ecological aspects in the control of Red Palm Weevil”. The workshop is a part of the first training workshop program held by the chair for 25 agricultural engineer working in red palm weevil combat program in the ministry of agriculture has been nominated by the ministry, extending the session for two weeks, and lectures in the session a group of faculty members from the Department of Plant Protection, Ministry of Agriculture and King Faisal University. It also permeates the session by a field trip to Al-Kharj province and setup an integrated program in collaboration with the Directorate of Agriculture, Al-Kharj.

To download detailed program itinerary of the training program titled, “First National Training Program on Management of Red Palm Weevil”, scheduled between January 17 – 27, 2010, click here.