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Innovative eco-friendly technologies to boost-up date palm production       


The Date Palm Research Center (Center of Excellence, King Faisal University)
An Overview of the Center: King Faisal University (KFU) is known for its leading role in the field of date palm research through a global research center (Date Palm Research Center), the establishment of which was in recognition of the historical importance of the palm to the Kingdom. The university called for holding a seminar on palm in 1402 AH (First Palm Seminar). The seminar recommended the establishment of this center and a royal decree was issued selecting KFU as permanent headquarters for the Regional Arab Committee for Date Palm affiliated to the Arab Union of Food Industries. The university held its second seminar in 1406 AH and the third seminar in 1413 AH. The two seminars were attended by several scientists from more than 20 dates producing countries, topped by the Kingdom. The discussions of the two seminars were compiled in volumes that are considered the first global specialized references in growing palm and producing dates as regards their economic benefits, diseases, pests and the industries based on them.
In this regard, a delegation from the Chair paid a visit to the Center of Research Excellence at KFU on Wednesday 10/2/2010 (24/3/1431H). A memorandum of understanding was signed between the two parties including evaluating pesticides residues in dates and the implementation of pheromone traps in combating red palm weevil. The Chair was represented by Professor Saleh Aldosari and Professor Vidyasagar. Professor Aldosari explained that this visit came as part of the Chair’ plan and that the agreement is part of the cooperation and partnership between the Chair and the universities as well as research centers for mutual interest.

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