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The management of RPW depends on (Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs, which make use of all available methods.  The RPW management programs should include all the most following integrated methods:

The chemical treatment:

1. Preventive treatments:

  • There are several insecticides used for this purpose and they should be used as recommended
  • Trunks should be sprayed with one of these pesticides
  • Of shoots should be dipped in one of these pesticides before being moved from one area to another.
  • Soil around palms should be treated with one of these pesticides, added in irrigation water.

2.Curative treatments:
Infested palm trees could be treated with one / or a mixture of the recommended pesticides: Fipronil, Dimethoate, Carbaryl, Methidition, Dichlorovos, Chlorpyriphos, Trichlorfon, Formethion.

Phytosanitation and cultural practices are important components of IPM programs that aim to combat RPW:

  • Periodic cleaning of palm crowns
  • Cuts and injuries should be treated with suitable insecticide and blocked with mud or cement.
  • Areas of, and around, removed offshoots should be treated with an insecticide and blocked with cement.
  • Treatment of any disease infections (bacteria, fungi, or viruses) because these infections facilitate the infestation with RPW.
  • Control of other pests such as rodents, snails and borers.
  • Use dripping irrigation instead of flood irrigation to prevent excess moisture.
  • Proper fertilization to get palms healthy.
  • Early also covering of any infested tree and applying curative actions as soon as possible.

Biological control:
Many biological control agents (nematode, bacteria, fungi, viruses) have been tried in the lab and field against different stages of RPW, but none of these agents, until now, proved to be quite effective in the field programs.

Quarantine is a must in RPW control programs.  The spread of this serious pest within certain country or from one to another has occurred because of the absence of plant quarantine.  So, legislation and laws must be set and enforced to apply local, national and international quarantine to prevent spread of the weevil within certain governorate or from a governorate to another, ore from one country to another country.