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Innovative eco-friendly technologies to boost-up date palm production       
Chair Director

Prof. Dr. Saleh Abdullah Aldosari has a distinguished teaching and research career spanning over two decades in the University.  After compeleting his B.S. from King Saud University, Dr. Saleh Aldosari has moved to USA and obtained the Master’s from the University of Arizona and Doctorate degree from Colorado State University.  Prof. Saleh Aldosari has done commendable research on the pesticides and their residues in the food crops. He has published more than 23 papers in national and international journals and has participated in many international conferences to make presentations.  One of the achievements is the comprehensive translation of the most famous book entitled “ The Pesticide Book“ by George W. Ware, which is now into its second edition due to its overwhelming popularity among researchers and students.
As Director of the Chair, he has been able to coordinate and interact with various departments to facilitate the planning and execution of research projects.  His tireless efforts give the much needed fillip to the research as well as extension programs enshrined in the vision document of the chair.  Apart from participation in various research programs he is a committed teacher and also guides graduate research.  For the past several years he is providing consultancy to date palm farms in the management of Red Palm Weevil.  His research management skills are reflected in the acitivities of the chair.  Find more details at