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Innovative eco-friendly technologies to boost-up date palm production       
Dr. Mahmoud Abdel Azim / Assistant Professor
Dr. Mahmoud is a trained entomologist. He has five year's of post-doctoral experience in Red Palm Weevil research. He joined theChair of Date Palm Research in April, 2009.


Dr. Paraj Shukla / Researcher
Dr. Shukla is a trained chemist. He has three years' post-doctoral experience in chemical development, analysis and biological testing, four years' experience in agricultural project management (World Bank projects: Project Implementation Units of National Agricultural Technology Project & National Agricultural Innovation Project, ICAR, New Delhi), and two years' experience in agricultural developmental studies in Rajasthan (Kota Heritage Society), India. Dr. Shukla joined Chair of Date Palm Research on November 14, 2009. He holds a post-graduate degree in 'Agrochemicals and Pest Management' from University of Delhi, Delhi, India and Ph.D. degree in 'Agricultural Chemicals' from Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, India.
Dr. Rashid Mumtaz / Assistant Professor
Dr. Rashid Mumtaz joined the Chair of Date Palm Research as Assistant Professor on May 01, 2010. He has over five years' experience as a senior researcher at G. B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology (GBPUA&T), Pantnagar, Uttarakhand, India. He also worked for an year as an Entomologist in "Biotech International Ltd." New Delhi, India. He served as a resource person on training programs on the mass production of Bio Control agents viz. Trichogramma species and Chrysoperla species in the Biocontrol Laboratory, GBPUAT. He also carried out validation & promotion of IPM Technology and demonstrated the techniques of biological control in the IPM trials in the farmer’s fields. He has published his research in several reputed journals and magazines.

Dr. Binu Antony / Assistant Professor
Dr. Binu Antony, Assistant Professor in Central University of Kerala, India joined Date Palm Research Chair as Assistant Professor on January 2012. Dr. Antony received Ph.D. in Zoology (Insect molecular Biology: Whitefly research) from Kerala University, India in January 2005 with prestigious ‘Jawaharlal Nehru Gold Medal’ for outstanding doctoral research in Crop Protection from Indian Council of Agriculture Research. Dr. Antony worked at Delhi University, India as senior research fellow; Tokyo University, Japan as JSPS postdoc and Lund University, Sweden as FORMAS postdoc. Dr. Antony expertise in molecular entomology, chemical ecology, biotechnology and evolutionary biology, and has 21 research publications in the peer reviewed journals and co-authored one Nature publication. View his CV.

Dr. Ashraf Mohamed Sami Hassanin / Assistant Professor
Dr. Hassanin joined the Plant Protection Department (Pesticides Branch) as Assistant Professor, recently. His main research interests include pesticide residues, other food and environmental contaminants such as persistent organic pollutants (POPs) – mainly Dioxins in food and environment. Formerly, Dr Hassanin held the positions of Dioxins Head and the Laboratory Quality Manager, Central Laboratory of Residue Analysis of Pesticides (QCAP), Agriculture Research center, Egypt. Dr Hassanin graduated from Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, Pesticide Dept. in 1992, did his M.Sc. in Pesticide Residues in 1999 from Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, and completed his Ph.D in Environmental Sciences in 2005 from Lancaster University, United Kingdom.
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Dr. Ahmed A.M. Dawabah / Asst. Professor
Professor of Plant Nematology, Phytopathological Research Institute, Agricultural Research Center, Egypt
Currently working in the Plant Protection Department, College of Food and Agriculture Sciences, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia. Earned his Ph. D. degree in Plant Pathology (Plant Nematology) from Alexandria University, Egypt in 1989, and has been ranked as a Professor of Plant Nematology since Dec., 2002. Participated in the editorial boards of several Arabic scientific journals and publication committees. Accomplished many scientific books and extension bulletins, and more than 50 research articles. Experienced in the management of nematode problems in the large agricultural projects, and contributed as part time consultant with "The National Agricultural Development Company (NADEC)", Saudi Arabia (2005–2008). Chosen by the Arab Society of Plant Protection (Beirut) to be the editor of the proposed book project “Date Palm Diseases and Pests in The Arab World”.

Mr. Samy M. Ibrahim / Research Assistant
Mr. Samy M. Ibrahim is working in the Department of Plant Protection (Pesticide Branch) since 27 years. He specializes in the field and laboratory evaluation of various pesticides (Herbicides, Fungicides and Insecticides). He has extensive experience on pesticide residue and environmental (air pollution) analysis. He has also been teaching undergraduate and postgraduate practical courses in the department. Mr. Samy is also member of Academic Accreditation of the Department.
Mr. Mubarak / Research Assistant
Mr. Mubarak is working in the Department of Plant Protection since 2003. He specializes in the analysis of pesticides and environmental pollution. He is teaching the practical part of the pesticide residue course to undergraduate students. He is continuing his Master’s study as well.